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Seminar / Product Introduction Video

Introduction of PASSTECH®

Hydrogen peroxide gas decontamination and sterilization system PASSTECH®

Examples of PASSTECH® decontamination

Decontamination of CO2 incubator using S1 Lite

Introduction to CYTOREK®

Cultured cells in a CO2 incubator

Shooting / observation

Observation example of CYTOREK®

Photograph and observe cultured cells 10,000 times at 15-minute intervals

Introduction of SP-3000nano

Single-beam UV-visible spectrophotometer SP-3000nano

Introduction of SP-3000DB

Double-beam UV-visible spectrophotometer SP-3000DB

Introduction of NanoEX Lite

Ultra-trace spectrophotometer NanoEX Lite

Introduction of SCOPE21

Electrophoresis gel observation device SCOPE21

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