Disposable chip (Disposable Chip)

Silicon chips using semiconductor micromachining technology.

Model: Bloody 7-7D

Same as channel width capillary

The capillary was artificially reproduced by digging a minute groove with a width of 6 to 7 microns, which was the same as that of the capillary, and pressing it onto a glass substrate.

Flow path processing

The dry etching method has greatly improved the dimensional accuracy and improved the dimensional variation between production lots.

(Photographed with an electron microscope)

Contents shape

A folded terrace is placed in the center of a rectangular (8mm x 16mm) silicon chip, with through holes on both sides.

The blood injected from the through hole on one side enters the inflow groove (orange part) of the folded terrace in the center, It passes through the flow path on the terrace, passes through the discharge groove (light blue portion), and is discharged out of the silicon chip from the opposite through hole.

Main specifications of chip Bloody7-7D

Disposable chip perfect for MCFAN HR300.

[Chip size] Outline8mm X 16mm
[Chip size] Thickness0.50mm
Channel width7μm
Number of channels7,854
Channel length30 ± 5μm
Channel depth4.5 ± 0.5μm
Terrace length95 ± 5μm

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