Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


  • Double Beam Type
  • Spectral Bandwidth 1nm
  • Wavelength Range 190~1,100nm
  • 8 Inch Color LCD with Touch Screen
  • 8-position Multi-cell Holder
  • Voice Guidance
  • D2/W Lamp 2,000Hours
  • IQ/OQ/PQ Validation Support (Option)


One-touch cell holder cover

One-touch type cell holder can easily be opened and closed.

Log-in management Function

Can protect device and measuring data safely through Log-in management Function using by ID and Password.

Network Printer Support

Data can be printed out by connecting to the main unit without installing a printer driver./p>

Remote control 

OPTIVIEW can easily analyze data, using fast result value acquisition and post-processing functions.

Installation of a Powerful Controller

Equipped with an Intel(R) Celeron(R) Quad Core Processor N3160 it includes a 32GB default storage capacity and data backup using USB memory.

8-inch Color Touch Screen LCD

Delivers rich visual information with a highresolution color screen. Convenience has been improved by applying a touch screen.

USB 4-port Installation and Support

SP-3000DB supports up to 4 USB ports, allowing various peripheral devices to be connected.

Multi-cell Holder as Standard

More samples can be automatically measured with the built-in multi-cell holder as standard.


Various types of accessories such as Flow Cell, Peltier, and Sipper can easily be used.


Metering method
Double-beam type
Light source
Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp
(Built-in light source auto interchanging motor)
Silicon photodiode
Czerny-Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed grating
Lamp Interchange Wavelength

Set freely in the range of 340 ~ 410 nm (Default: 370 nm)

Spectral Bandwidth

1 nm (190 to 1100 nm)

Wave length



190 ~ 1,100 nm


± 0.3 nm (For entire range)

± 0.1 nm (656.1 nm)


<± 0.1 nm

0.05 nm

    Slew rate

About 8,800 nm/min

    Scan speed

Max 6,000 nm/min

Absorbance : -4 to 4 Abs
Transmittance : 0 % to 400 %


± 0.0002 at 0.5 Abs

± 0.0006 at 1.0 Abs

± 0.001 at 2.0 Abs

Less than ± 0.005 Abs at 1.0 Abs
Stray light
< 0.02 % Nal at 220 nm, NaNO₂ at 340 nm
Baseline stability
< 0.0003 Abs/h
Baseline flatness
<± 0.0005 Abs
Center Height (Z-height)
15 mm
Standard Cell Holder
Automatic Rotary type 8-position Multi-Cell Holder
Windows 10 (Embedded PC);
8 inch color LCD with touch screen;
Power Requirement
100~240 V; 50~60 Hz
14 kg


Photometric Mode

  • In this mode, the absorbance (Abs) (or transmittance (%T)) at a specific wavelength can be easily measured.
  • The factor (K) value can be set to allow a simple quantitative test (C = K × A) on a sample to be performed making it possible for absorbance (Abs) measurement.
  • Up to 8 wavelengths can be set, and the absorbance at each wavelength is measured automatically.
  • Automatic analysis for up to 7 samples is possible using the multi-cell holder.

Quantitation Mode

  • It is a mode that can measure and manage the calibration curve by utilizing the multi-cell holder.
  • Quantitative analysis for a sample of interest can be performed using a calibration curve made by up to 7 concentrations of the sample.
  • Four types of calibration curves including linear (zero-crossing), linear, quadratic, and cubic types are provided.
  • Accurate calibration curve can be created with the values measured repeatedly for a maximum of 5 times.

Spectrum Mode

  • This mode allows the user to check the spectrum of the desired wavelength band.
  • Absorbance (Abs) and transmittance (%T) data can be switched using a shortcut key.
  • Automatic spectrum analysis for up to 7 samples (excluding the reference sample) is possible.
  • This mode includes the functions to zoom in the section and to find the Peak/Valley location of the spectrum.

Kinetic mode

  • This mode allows the user to check the change in absorbance (or transmittance) over time at a specific wavelength.
  • This mode is measured at regular intervals, and the minimum interval that can be set is for 1 second.
  • This mode’s progresses during the measurement is displayed, and 24-hour measurement is possible.
  • The changes in the absorbance of 7 samples can be obtained automatically.

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