Solid samples can be easily crushed using a centrifuge

  • Disposable homogenizer that can crush solid samples easily using a centrifuge. Put the sample into the filter tube set in the collection tube and insert the crushing rod.
  • There is a cross-shaped blade at the tip of the crushing rod, and even samples that are difficult to crush only with centrifugal force can be crushed by pushing the crushing rod by hand.
  • In order to fix the filter tube to the collection tube during the grinding operation, the filter tube is provided with a fixing claw.
  • The polyethylene filter (PE) type has a smaller pore size than the polypropylene filter (PP) type, and enables finer crushing.

※ * Except for some samples (tissues with high fiber content such as epidermis, intestinal tract, tail, etc.), use the filter tube without buffer. When centrifuge, the filter may be clogged and the tube may be damaged.

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