Since dimple processing is applied, crushing efficiency is improved!

  • Homogenizer with improved crushing effect by combining 1.5 ml tube with inner dimple processing and stirring rod with surface dimple processing. Easy sample crushing.
    Put the sample into the microtube and rotate the stirring rod by hand to crush the sample.
  • The stir bar has a rebound prevention structure that prevents sample scattering and backflow.
  • The microtube has a flat bottom surface, so the sample can be reliably crushed.
  • It can be used to crush various samples such as animal tissues, organs, plant samples (stems, roots, seeds) and insect samples.

※ Samples that are difficult to crush can be easily crushed using a dedicated electric stirrer (Power Smasher II).

※ The stirring bar cannot be autoclaved. If sterilization is required, use a sterilized product.

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