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3D-Live Cell Monitoring System

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CytoRek® 3D-Live Cell Monitoring System greatly reduces the labor of researchers working with cells by externally monitoring cell dynamics without removing plates from the incubator.

Observation in annoying clean room

To get in and out of a clean room in a CPC or GMP facility to observe cultured cells, it was necessary to get an administrator's permission and change clothes. In addition, when taking out the cells from the incubator and observing them with a microscope, the observation position is different each time, which makes it difficult to quantitatively check the cell culture status.

Don't stick to location

You can observe the important cells of researchers anytime and anywhere. CytoRek® provides a module that allows you to remotely observe cell culture conditions in real time without going into or out of a clean room in CPC or GMP. Researchers can observe the cultured cells in the incubator remotely in real time without being particular about the location. For example, a researcher can observe the cell culture state at home, on a business trip, or on a laptop computer at hand after returning home.

Revolution in CO2 Incubator

In conventional time-lapse photography, it was necessary to install a humidification stage on the microscope or surround the microscope with a special incubator. However, these systems were not always ideal from a culture perspective. CytoRek® enables researchers to install long-term time-lapse photography in the stable environment of the incubator by installing an observation system in the incubator used for daily research.

Reproduction of phase contrast microscope in COIncubator

Since many cultured cells are colorless and transparent, an inverted phase contrast microscope is generally used to observe their morphology. CytoRek® reproduces a phase-contrast microscope in the incubator and allows label-free observation without special image processing or staining.

Compact size that does not obstruct the airflow of CO2 Incubatoor

CytoRek® enables long-term time-lapse photography within the stable environment of the incubator. It has a compact design that does not disrupt the airflow and temperature / humidity distribution (Uniformity) in the incubator.

Use of various culture vessels

CytoRek® can be used with conventional culture vessels.

  • 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 well plates
  • Φ30, 40, 60mm Petri dish
  • T-25, T-75 Flask

Visual user interface

CytoRek® provides visually easy-to-understand software. Real-time cell observation, time-lapse scheduling, and confirmation of imaging results can be easily performed. You can also check the results for each experiment period and content, and easily create time-lapse movies.

Cell Count

CytoRek® has a function to count the number of cells. Utilizing the cell counting function, the cell growth rate per unit time can be calculated.

Move in the shortest distance

CytoRek® is designed to move in the shortest distance not only in the Z axis but also in the X-Y direction in order to minimize the effect of vibrations on the cells due to movement of the optical module.

EOP Technology * Patent pending

In order to photograph cells clearly, it is necessary to adjust the focus (Z axis) accurately. The auto-focus method had limitations such as focusing on foreign objects instead of cells. CytoRek® overcomes this problem by calculating the slope of the floor from the plane equation rather than auto-focus.

Moisture and chemical resistance

CytoRek® can withstand up to 95% relative humidity and can be installed inside an incubator. CytoRek® can be surface decontaminated using a hydrogen peroxide gas decontamination system. Therefore, it can be used not only in an incubator but also in an isolator or biological safety cabinet.


CytoRek® can be used for various purposes.

  • Cell culture quality control
  • Cell imaging and analysis
  • Cell counting & length measuring
  • Cell differentiation
  • Cell migration
  • Tumor spheroids
  • Drug discovery
  • Generic analysis
  • Biologics drug discovery
  • Apoptosis


Contrast methodsPhase ContrastOperatingLower than 95% RH
Objective Lens4Xenvironment
Camera1,280 x 960 pixel (1.3M)Dimensions300W x 330D x 320H mm
StageX-Y-ZElectrical100-200VAC, 50/60 Hz

Analysis of shooting results

We are strengthening the software analysis function based on machine learning, aiming to quantitate data by fully automatically analyzing cell photos taken with CytoRek®.

Photographed by CytoRek® Cell observation during 3D culture

You can observe cells during 3D culture.

Photographed by CytoRek® Application to regenerative medicine

From time-lapse photography, quality control and recovery time of cultured cells can be determined.

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